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Equita Capital Partners provides financing for land acquisition and development as well as new construction of commercial and residential housing properties.

We offer financing for the following property types:

  • Single family residential

  • Multi-family residential

  • Commercial

  • Institutional

  • Income producing

A full line of financing solutions:

Commercial Loans
We provide financing secured by commercial real estate of all types: office buildings, warehouse space, retail buildings and property with a mix of uses.  Loan proceeds can be used to acquire new property, refinance existing property or as a bridge loan until more permanent financing can be arranged.

Residential Loans
A good alternative to traditional bank financing; alternative financing for residential property is beneficial to borrowers in many circumstances. We loan money secured by single family or multi-family real estate held as an investment and can be used to acquire new rental property, refinance existing property or to fix and flip property. We do not make loans secured by 1-4 unit, owner-occupied residential property.

Rehab Loans (Fix & Flip)
We offer quick approval and funding to real estate investors engaged in the business of purchasing distressed property with the intent of rehabbing it for resale.  Loans are based on either the current value of the property or the after repair value (ARV). Fix and flip lenders prefer to loan on the current value of the property as this reduces their risk in the event that there are issues with the rehab of the property, the estimated after repair value was incorrect, or the real estate market begins to decline during the rehab process. Our rates very attractive, among the lowest of fix & flip lenders, and we can act quickly.  No appraisal fee.  No application fee. No inspection fee.

Hard Money Loans
We provide fast, flexible, Private Money and Bridge loans that make sense for you. Because we are a direct private lender, making real estate loans using our own funds, we are not hampered by the bureaucracy and red tape often found when dealing with institutional lenders.  To our borrowers, that means we are flexible and can act quickly.  No long, drawn-out application process. A borrower looking for a hard money loan from us either gets a quick no or a quick funding.  When underwriting the loan, our primary consideration is the value of the real estate, not the credit history of the borrower. 

Foreign National Loans

We offer financing specifically designed for foreign nationals that streamlines and expedites the loan process. Our programs feature low documentation with quick, easy approval. 

Our dedicated staff of Commercial Real Estate Specialists offer industry knowledge and market area expertise and can help structure a loan that meets your needs.

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